bulthaup opens up new perspectives for people, creating atmospheric moods that reflect their personality and their needs.
b3 system milano 2016. The interplay of planes, light and material creates different moods in space.

Functional panels can be moved independently of each other and, when necessary, concealed completely behind the cabinet.

Special functional panels can be slid out to protect the fine materials of the bulthaup wall from splashes.

Kitchen tools and utensils like spice jars can be securely attached to the system rail of the functional panels.

Functional elements in the living area offer the possibility to accommodate personal objects.

b+ solitaires. With bulthaup you can arrange your living space, hide boundaries and connect or merge areas to form an integrated room for living.
A delicate frame forms the structural and creative base of the solitaires. It is the platform for a selection of applications that can be used to configure solitaires according to individual needs. A solitaire can be fitted with various tops, pull-out trays, compartment shelves and trivets depending on the desired function.

A matt black metal bracket connects the solid wood boards of the table to the frame.

Interplay of cooking table and ceiling element. The ceiling element serves as an extractor, lamp and storage unit.

The compartment shelves and a pull-out tray of the shelf element offer space for stacking and storing. Food can be prepared on the butcher’s block with solid oak top.

The oak trays with glass surrounds in the display cabinet can be pulled out on both sides.

b1 system milano 2016. Individual materials and functions are connected with each other by a countertop. The essential kitchen.
Elements can be assembled according to individual needs to form an island or an open-plan living space. The upper layer is a countertop that can accommodate any desired selection of hob, water point and movable food preparation module. Free areas are formed offering space for tools and personal effects by sliding the food preparation module.
Access from above to personal tools and utensils has been ergonomically considered because users no longer have to step back to open compartments and pull-outs and take what they need. The basic principle is simplicity. This is also the response to people’s present-day lifestyles and ever-changing living configurations – simply plug and play.

The countertop is fitted with a water point, two food preparation modules and a hob. Storage elements are located below.

The pure b1 kitchen island is like a workbench with a countertop mounted on a metal frame.

The food preparation module can be slid aside to give access to the free space below.

The water point as part of the countertop.